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Suspension Noise Diagnostics and Repair in Elk Grove

If there was no car suspension, every ride would be rough and uncomfortable. Even on smoother roads, your suspension system allows your vehicle to pitch and roll. While your vehicle body and powertrain are more solidly affixed to the frame, the drivetrain is more loosely fixed, which allows more movement. Bushings allow a more limited movement, like the control arms. Ball joints allow more movement, like the steering knuckle.

Since your car suspension is way more active on smooth roads, and way less so on bumpy roads and over potholes, it should not come as a surprise that certain parts break or wear out. In most cases, failures occur at the weakest points, where they attach to other components, but they won’t fall off immediately. Instead, you will spot suspension noises and clunks with your ears and hands. So, the question is, how can you diagnose those noises?

When you are driving your car, pay close attention to how your suspension sounds over speedbumps, potholes, manhole covers, or bumps. By doing so, you should be able to determine 2 important pieces of information: where and how the problem occurs.

If the noise only occurs on uneven bumps, like manhole covers or potholes, that is an indicator of a problem with the sway bar links or sway bar. If the suspension noise only occurs in the passenger-side front over a bump, then that may indicate a problem with that corner of the suspension, perhaps a wheel bearing, ball joint, or control arm bushing.

Use your hands to detect loose steering and suspension components. When braking, if you feel a clunk in the steering, this can indicate a problem with ball joints or tie rod ends. A vibration in the steering wheel after hitting a bump may indicate worn front shock absorbers or a worn steering damper.

When diagnosing car suspension noises, squeaks, and clunks, it pays to be diligent and observant. After you recognize a problem with your vehicle’s suspension system, we invite you into Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair for professional diagnostics and assistance. Our professionals truly understand the signs to look out for that can indicate suspension system trouble, and we have both the experience and equipment to properly repair any problem at hand.

Consider Elk Grove Transmission & Auto Repair for all your routine maintenance and auto repairs, including suspension diagnostics and repair. For additional information on diagnosing car suspension noises, give us a call today or schedule your appointment online.

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