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Drivetrain Repair in Elk Grove

A drivetrain is a group of vehicle components that works collectively to supply power to the wheels. It includes the transmission, the axles, the driveshaft, and wheels. This entire system is necessary to transfer the power from the engine to the wheels, getting your vehicle moving when you shift into drive.

Each of the drivetrain components plays a crucial part in keeping the vehicle on the move. For instance, the driveshaft is connected to the vehicle's transmission on one end and the wheels on the other. It supplies mechanical power from the transmission to other car components. The axle shaft delivers power from the final drive and supplies it to the drive wheels.

At Elk Grove Transmission and Auto Repair, we understand that potential issues with the drivetrain system can be easily avoided with routine inspection and maintenance. That is why we recommend that you have your system inspected with every oil change to ensure that everything is working perfectly. Additionally, our ASE Certified technicians are available to assist with even the most complex of drivetrain problems if they should occur.

Without a doubt, the drivetrain components are prone to wear and other types of damage that affects your car's overall performance. Some of the symptoms of a failing drivetrain include:

  • Excess Vibrations Emanating from Under the Vehicle
  • Your Vehicle Often Shudders When Accelerating
  • Abnormal Squeaking, Knocking, Clunking, Scraping Or Clicking Noises
  • Difficulty Turning
  • Transmission Fluid Leaks
  • Your Car Engine Revs but Does Not Accelerate
  • The Check Engine Light Is On
  • Grinding Noises Mostly Common When Engaging the Clutch or Changing Gears

If you notice any of the above signs, trust our professionally licensed and ASE Certified technicians to handle it for you. They are well trained, equipped, and well reputed in providing quality transmission and drivetrain services in Elk Grove, CA. They will first run the estimated cost of recommendations by you before beginning any work and ensure that you have a complete understanding of your car’s condition. We will also only use cutting-edge tools and equipment, and leverage the latest technology to service your vehicle.

If you need drivetrain repair in Elk Grove, CA, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle to the world-class experts here at Elk Grove Transmission and Auto Repair today!

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