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Catalytic Converter Replacement in Elk Grove

Due to the serious environmental issues on a global scale, modern vehicles have a catalytic converter installed. This is an emissions control device that helps reduce the toxic gases expelled from the exhaust pipe. With time (or for various other reasons), a converter gradually becomes less and less effective and may stop functioning properly.

The signs of a non-functioning catalytic converter can include:

  • Poor acceleration
  • Increase in fuel consumption
  • The exhaust smells like rotten eggs
  • The Check Engine light comes on
  • Your vehicle fails the emission test

When the time comes for your catalytic converter to be replaced, you are going to need a skilled auto repair technician in your area. If you happen to live in (or drive through) Elk Grove, CA, Elk Grove Transmission and Auto Repair is your best choice for a trusted and reliable automotive repair and maintenance facility. Our ASE Certified and experienced mechanics will greet you with a smile and will do all necessary repairs and services quickly and in a professional manner.

So, if you need a catalytic converter replacement in Elk Grove, CA, or Sacramento, CA, get in touch with the experts here at Elk Grove Transmission and Auto Repair. Our auto repair shop is located at 9797 Dino Dr., Elk Grove, CA 95624. Bring your vehicle to us, call us, or schedule an appointment using our online appointment form.

We will be happy to lend you a hand!

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