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(Easy) Ideas For Personalizing Your Vehicle in 2023

Image by Jacob Spence from Unsplash 

As the New Year rolls around, you might be thinking New Year, New Me!, with your goals centered around significant changes when it comes to your appearance, your clothing, or your home. The New Year is also a great time to personalize your vehicle! After all, you spend enough time in your car that you may feel at home–especially if you’re driving through California traffic every day. Below, I list four unique ideas for personalizing your vehicle in the new year.

Custom License Plate

One of the most common car customizations is a custom license plate–and we’ve seen some awesome one’s over the years! In California, you can purchase a particular interest or personalized license plate (also known as a vanity plate) online or at the DMV. Your plate cost and renewal fee will go up a little, but it’s worth it if you want your car to stand out in the crowd!

Air Freshener or Ornament

Many people will use an air freshener or ornament to customize their vehicle. Still, they may only do so with the essential fresheners found at the gas station. This is a great way to customize your car, but you can go further if you’re craving more! You could either handcraft or in particular order a rearview mirror ornament or air freshener that suits your style or needs better. For example, those with driving anxiety may look for a lavender-scented freshener to help ease their nerves.

New Floor Mats

You may still be driving around with the floor mats you got at the dealership–that’s totally okay! But did you know you can buy custom floor mats for your vehicle? Depending on the color of your vehicle, a set of custom mats can really make the aesthetic appeal of your car very slick and put together. For those who like to wear their interests on their sleeve, you can also usually find a character or activity-focused mats. 

Car Coasters

Last but not least, car coasters! Not only do these customize your vehicle (there are dozens of designs you can get), but they also help keep your vehicle clean. It’s much easier to get a car coaster and dust it off than stick a hose and try cleaning it. While the other three customizations on this list are familiar, I rarely see people pulling into our bays with car coasters. 

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